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What are the benefits of lip blush?

Ever wonder what the benefits are of having lip blush with Rachel Jade?

Ok so lip blush is currently one of the most hot on trend beauty treatment. Have you seen post about it, but unsure what the benefits are? well look no further. In this blog post we will be talking about all the benefits of having Semi permantent lip blush @ By Rachel Jade

Define yours lips -

Lip blush is the perfect treatment if your looking to add definition to your natural lips, I can add definition to the vermillion border and cupped bow of your lips to create the illusion of fuller lips. (Without the need of lip filler)

Adds colour -

Ok we all hate it when our lipstick wears off or smudges over our face. With a lip blush you don’t need to worry about that! All colours are a custom blended to you. To ensure we create a lip blush colour you love! Immediately after treatment, the lip colour will appear more intense, but results will heal up to 30/40% lighter!

Creates symmetry -

Do you have uneven natural lips? Or loss of pigment near the vermillion border? Don’t worry, when mapping for lip blush Rachel will create the perfect symmetry for your lips.

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